5 Yrs Old KID Fighting With Police To Save His MOTHER.

FIVE brothers and sisters are being hailed as heroes after fighting back against an intruder who shot their mother in their Queensland home.
The siblings told the story of the horrifying attack and how they managed to save their mother’s life in a 60 Minutes report on Channel 9.
The three brothers and two sisters were getting ready for bed at their Chambers Flat home when their mother Rachael Moore heard a car pull up in the driveway. 5 Yrs Old KID Fighting With Police
As soon as she heard the vehicle she knew it was probably her former partner Daryl Fields, 39.
“He had left a number of messages (on her phone) that evening … so when a car screeched into the driveway, she sensed it was him, and that something was going to happen, that’s why she got the children into the room,” 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown told news.com.au.
The couple had separated two years earlier after he had been violent towards her, but things had been fairly amicable up to that point. 5 Yrs Old KID Fighting With Police
Something snapped in him that night, and fuelled by alcohol, Fields stormed into the home and broke down the bedroom door where the family were gathered. He stood there and pointed a shotgun at Moore.
“All the kids were screaming, ‘don’t shoot, don’t shoot’, but he did,” Brown said.
The children watched their mother fall backwards, unconscious.
Then Fields started reloading the shot gun. 5 Yrs Old KID Fighting With Police

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