Chennai riots Viral news on Sathiyam TV

Quiet came back to the Marina Beach and other dissent settings crosswise over Tamil Nadu on Monday evening following seven days in length extraordinary ace jallikattu agitation+ was brought under ‘implemented control’ by the state police.

In Chennai, riots damaged the picture of the understudy upheld exhibits. “Personal stake bunches” heightened the circumstance by pelting stones and flinging petrol bombs at the mob control police.

The scene at the Marina took after that of a time limitation zone with the streets prompting to the challenge setting closed off by the police from all sides. The police lathicharged with retribution at whatever point they kept running into an agitator.

Rapscallions set fire to the Ice House police headquarters while numerous vehicles were singed to fiery remains in the following viciousness. Upwards of 140 policemen were harmed in the mobs with no less than 100 agitators likewise being harmed.

Dissenters conflicted with police at Parthasarathy Temple curve close Marina. They set tires ablaze and tossed them at the police. They tossed petrol bombs as well. An auto was determined to flame. Police utilized teargas to scatter the nonconformists.

Youngsters remaining on the hoisted MRTS tracks were tossing stones at police work force beneath at Bharathi Salai close Marina Beach. Following hour and a half conflict, police confined no less than 10 young people.

Conflicts broke out on Avvai Shanmugam Salai in Royapettah. Police lathicharged dissenters in a few spots of the city. Dissidents flung petrol bombs at police conveyed close Presidency College.

On Monday, Marina Beach had transformed from a ‘serene dissent’ zone to an out and out mob zone.

Amidst this viciousness, Tamil Nadu get together passed a bill+ to change Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, to supplant a law the state government had proclaimed on Saturday. The mandate empowered the direct of jallikattu+ .

The state government welcomed delegates from the challenges to witness the death of the bill direct after which explanations were made for the group to scatter. Be that as it may, a few nonconformists declined to clear out. Upwards of 2,000 individuals still sat close to the shore.

The city saw agitation+ in different parts as well. Nonconformists harmed MTC transports and police vehicles. All streets in the city experienced immense congested roads, and schools shut early. MRTS prepare benefits between Chennai Beach and Velachery were suspended to stop the stream of individuals to Marina Beach.