Early Morning Milk Theft in Chennai

The Chennai city police have indicated that they will not spare any cop if it is proved that he or she indulged in acts of misbehaviour when pro-jallikattu protests turned violent on Monday.

“Exemplary punishment would be awarded to them, if proved,” said a statement on the Chennai city police’s Facebook page.

Police sources said at least 62 police uniforms had been taken on rent from a few shops at Kodambakkam and Vadapalani by some people a few days before violence broke out in the city. (Some shops in Kodambakkam and Vadapalani rent out police uniforms and other items for film shooting). Police personnel are probing if the miscreants had impersonated to incite violence in the city.

The Facebook post says, “Videos are being circulated in social media about some individuals in police uniform indulging in acts of violence. While such videos are disturbing for every member of the police department, it is a matter, however, to be inquired into.”

The post said as many as 102 police officers were injured and 56 police vehicles were damaged. Despite grave provocation, the police officers had acted with greatest restraint and used only minimum force in dealing with the situation, it said.

“Though best efforts were put by the police in the maintenance of public order in the city, it is disturbing to see that certain motivated groups are spreading rumours and portraying the police negatively. This affects the morale of the force. However, it is certain that this disciplined force will not be deterred by such efforts made by individuals or groups in trying to negate the police efforts. At the same time, the city police will also not spare any effort in identifying any member of the force who have exhibited any misbehaviour or indulged in any unruly act,” it said.