HipHop Tamila Aathi Exclusive Interview about JalliKattu

Music composer Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi has come up with a short film-cum-music video titled ‘Takkaru Takkaru’, in which he makes a strong case for jallikattu, an event held in the state as part of Pongal celebrations.

With strong lyrics such as ‘Maatu Pathi Prachana Illa, Naatu Pathi Prachana’ and ‘Adaiyalam Izhandhal Thaai Naatilum Naam Agadhi-dhaan’, the short film seeks to throw light on why there is a dire need to introspect about jallikattu. Though it is a fictional story, the composer ends the film with a commentary, in which he says, “It is not just a sport; it is breeding science. If a bull wins, it is sent for breeding… the ones which lose are sent for farming. The government is not against jallikattu; the protests are by many organisations, many of those from abroad.”

If you want to know about jallikattu, ask people who have bulls, he adds. “A decade ago, there were 9 lakh bulls, but now there are only 60,000. It is only due to our ignorance. Jallikattu is our identity. It more than entertainment; it is a livelihood.”

Aadhi, who hails from Coimbatore and has forayed into films as a composer too, is well-known for his love for Tamil and has mentioned poet Bharathiyar in many of his works.

One of the most successful music director and independent music producer Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi made his mark with ‘Clubula mubula’ song video which gained him instant recognition and took him to where he is now. The young youth icon has this time come out with ‘Takkaru Takkaru’ which within three days of release has touched the magical 1million views on YouTube.

Aadhi has mixed genres of a short film, documentary and music album for ‘Takkaru Takkaru’ which bats for the burning issue of the ban on Jallikattu. The drama in the beginning educates about how multinationals are planning the clinical extinction of Bulls so that we have to look for artificial insemination from the West. Then the hip hop song lyrics bring to the fore the need to preserve the Tamil Culture and individuality through the sport of Jallikattu which has been a part of life for many centuries. The documentary portion gives many expert views on how it is unfair to ban the sport and the dubious methods adopted by various anti jallikattu organizations to prove their stand.

‘Takkaru Takkaru’ is a a truly commendable effort by Hip Hop Tamizha for the Jallikattu sport and his sreen presence and acting serves as a good trailer for his onscreen debut soon which is being reported in various sections of the media.