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Use of Cement Blocks as compared to Bricks
Procure material locally as much as possible, local Sand, Cement, Steel procurement can help save some money.
Prevent Rework by proper planning – Hire the right contractor, who works on market rates and finishes construction without any rework.
Use Locally manufactured fittings (electrical and plumbing), but ensure ISI mark before buying
Use same type of painting and flooring across the house – It will save cost due to bulk buying and optimization on labour input.
Go for Flush Doors, PVC Windows and MS Ralling and Gates.

Made famous by IIT Madras, this technology uses factory manufactured Gypsum Boards that are reinforced with glass fibers. These boards act as walls and are erected using Cranes. This tecnology reduces construction cost by 20–30% and duration by 50%.

This is Load bearing type of construction now trending in India. This technology is extensively used in Europe and Latin american countries. The porotherm block do not need cement/mortar to attach to each other and also dont need plastering and painting once house is made, thus saving a lot of money. This type of house construction saves upto 20% on cost and 40% on duration.

Based on the scientific research done by Indian Concrete Institute & CBRI below mentioned method can be adopted to reduce construction cost .
(1) If we are using Fe415 & Fe500 grade steel manufactured by SAIL,Tiscon & RINL / Vizakaparnam steel plant, quantity of steel can be reduced by 10%.When we are using the steel produced from the Re-Rolling steel factory using Scrap steel as raw material, designers will consider factor of safety as “5” instead of “2”,when we are using quality assured steel. Even though there are about five companies ( as an example ) in our country ,twenty five other companies are manufacturing steel from scrap in huge quantity and dominating the market through the colourful advertisements with leading film stars .So our educated public including engineers are also getting confused while selecting steel. (2) In AP,Telangana,Karnataka ,Tamil Nadu & Kerala we can use Teracotta hollow blocks & Laterate for construction of wall instead of using cement bricks of only 100mm wide and 200mm length.When we are using bricks of 75mmx100mmx200mm the cement mortar/ Jointing material requirement is 20% of the volume of bricks .But when we are using Terracotta blocks / Laterate stone / cement hollow bricks /cement solid bricks /rubble filler blocks /soil stabilized blocks of 200mmx200x300mm /450mm /750mm cement mortar consumption will be 7% of the total volume of wall constructed.Anywhere in our country we can manufacture Terracotta hollow blocks/ Soil stabilized blocks & Rubble filler blocks to reduce the construction cost. Wherever river sand is available rubble filler blocks can