Jayalalitha Legs Removed before death Is that true

Secret Behind Jayalalithaa’s Death (Is Jayalalitha Killed): There are lots of rumors and questions put before the AIADMK party members after the death of Jayalalithaa. These questions needs to be answered by the Apollo Hospital management and the AIADMK party as soon as possible. We the AIADMK followers need to known the truth and it’s the duty of current AIADMK members to answer our questions.
1. What happened to Jayalalithaa in hospital?
2. Does Apollo Hospital hide any secret from TN people ?
3. Who is in the hospital with Jayalalithaa?
4. Why no one was not allowed to visit Jayalalithaa ?
Jayalalitha Legs Removed before death Is that true

Well, we live in a country where everything works on paper to the law and social rules, but when it comes to making exceptions we are probably the best in the world.

Many facts are well known to be against leaders but what matters is can you either throw money or power into the equation and if you can thing turn to your favour. But as the answer says, if Apollo were to do post mortem and they all along lied (the did so 100% on the last day and the whole world knows it, and so if someone can lie once why cant they lie 100 times) they wont want any doubts to be raised on their own claims.

AIADMK eagles are now eyeing a split in party or 4 more years in power as options and every eagle wants another 4 years more than anything else even if it means eating the body (of you know who).

So in conclusion, if you have money and power and you want to kill someone, even if he/she is a CM/PM you can do it in India and get away with it, the public will cry for a while and then forget it. Jayalalitha Legs Removed before death Is that true