Latest Police viral video on social media

On a day the pro-Jallikattu protests in the city turned violent, videos have emerged which purportedly show policemen committing arson.

In the first video, which has been shared widely on WhatsApp, a policeman, whose uniform suggests he is a constable, is seen throwing a sheaf of burning newspapers into an autorickshaw.

The recording is reportedly from Mylapore area, which is a short distance from the Marina Beach, the epicentre of the protests. The video was first broadcast by News18 Tamil and was sent in by a viewer.

The video has since gone viral, with several names from Tamil Nadu’s film fraternity and political circles questioning the action. Actor Kamal Haasan, who supports the demonstration, tweeted the video.

Speaking to News18, Mylapore Deputy Commissioner said, “We are looking into the veracity of the video. We are shocked… We will take action against the policeman if it’s true.”

In a press conference on Monday evening, Chennai Police Commissioner TK Rajendran said, “The videos of police surfacing on social media are morphed. It is a matter of investigation.”

In another video, a policeman is seen approaching an object, which could not be clearly seen in the video. As he retreats, the object is seen catching fire.

The protests that had been praised by many for being peaceful took a violent turn on Monday when police tried to evict protesters from Marina Beach. Police fired teargas shells and resorted to lathicharge. Several vehicles were set on fire, including in front of Ice House Police Station near the beach. While vehicles were gutted, the front portion of the station and the name board were damaged in the fire. Similarly, vehicles, including cars, were set on fire by unidentified persons near Nadukuppam.