Mass Molestation Of Women In Bengaluru During New Year CelebrationTruth Released From CCTV Footage







“It is disheartening to see where Bengaluru is going. We often hear such incidents in Delhi but hearing that shocking news from Bengaluru is really painful.”- Fashion photographer, Wasim Khan.

New Year started on a rather bad note for the women of Bengaluru. What they thought would be celebratory turned out into a ghastly episode for a number of women. As they strolled on MG Road and Brigade Road to celebrate the New Year, women were outnumbered by men.

Both drunk and sober men took advantage of the situation and groped, touched and molested women, reports Bangalore Mirror.

1500 police personnel who were deployed in the areas fell short of manforce against thousands of people who had gathered there to celebrate. Even though such a situation has been witnessed earlier in Bengaluru, it has been noted that efforts to maintain security remained inadequate this year.

Women sought the help of police. They picked up their high-heeled shoes and ran to women constables to spare themselves the horror of being touched by random strangers.

Clearly, the situation went way beyond control. Although the police helped those who reached out to them, they couldn’t help everybody. Since they were massively outnumbered, the police decided to help people based on the gravity of the situation around them. Mass Molestation Of Women In Bengaluru During New Year Celebration

Meanwhile, the males who had accompanied the females turned to their protection but had a difficult time, of course. The mob was unruly. Some men tried to molest and unclothe a woman who was drunk. The police removed them from there. Then there were other men who tried to harass another girl and they came back there no sooner than they were chased away by the police. Mass Molestation Of Women In Bengaluru During New Year Celebration

Although so many women faced harsh treatment from the men around them, no cases of molestation were lodged, the police stated.

“It is not just the police but all of us have to take a conscious decision to respect women and inculcate strong values,’ said social activist, Sathya S. Yes, unless every man and woman is taught within their households how to treat others well they will continue to plague the society and remain anti-social elements. Until then, it will always be a shame. Mass Molestation Of Women In Bengaluru During New Year Celebration