Now a Days Roads are not Safe in India
Couples in the road start to act as if they are in their 4 bhk apartment houses and their 4 year kid was with them too. It is strange how people have changed once they get the 3 bhk apartments or villa homes and start living a lavishing life style. They think themselves as prioritized and higher to common people as soon as they get the luxury villas in the city. But the truth is they are no longer treated separately and all are same under the eyes of the law and constitution . The rich people driving around in luxury cars and spending time in beach villa homes tend to think that they can break the law and use it as per their convenience just because they have enough money to buy the respective authorities and men in charge.

In the busy streets of Chennai, just 2 blocks away from their own apartment houses, the couples start to behave strange in front of their kid . When enquired it seems that these couples are engaged in a bet with their friend to make some romance in the public streets near to the apartments house they reside in. Also they took the challenge serious and did the same in the busy streets with the general people near by as it involved cash reward of several lacs.

As of now, we are not informed about the price money the couples had won, but sure is the worst thing one can afford to do outside the apartments home. People cannot make romance outside their houses just because a cash reward has been announced.

The parents have to be role models for their kids and set standards for them to follow when they grow up. But these weird activities of such couples only worsens the future of a growing child. The kids should be taught nice habits in their apartments by the family members and not the vice-versa.