Tamil TV Actress crossing limits in serial

How many of you, Viewers of Vijay TV, observed Neeya Naana Gopi removed his earphone in recent shows? In Tamil TV industry when all the TV channels started to focus on Mega serials, after few hits in Sun TV, Came Vijay TV with really refreshing Programs.

Vijay TV earlier was owned by Vijay Mallaya (the kingfisher calendar guy) later when Star TV want to extend its media Network in India They acquired major shares in Vijay TV. Then Vijay TV becomes Star-Vijay.

Star network was owned by billionaire Murdoch, Very controversial man. He was the media man who killed media ethics and ran media business for profit. It made him really a billionaire. He started to expand as same as poison-gas spreading in air. His principle is focused on attention grabbing and Sensation.

Recently his British Newspaper “The Sun” was in controversy of secretly placing Microphones and spied celebrities and Royal family. Murdoch and his Media Company are the prime accused in that case.
With all this Sensation and profit, keeping it as its mission Star network entered in India. This bit mainly focuses on Star-Vijay not on the whole network.

Murdoch inspired Sun TV Network Owner Kalanithi Maran. Maran in his Initial days insisted his TV Peoples to Copy ideas from Star Network TV Channels and conducted Programs. It was really hit in Tamil Nadu. Later, when star landed in Tamil Media Network. Sun TV need to Lose its innovative (previously copied from Star) ideas. Star Vijay Started to become the number One.

First Star-Vijay Started the Reality shows; actually it was new to Tamil. Earlier Sun TV did few reality shows for singing and dancing. Star Vijay Created various reality shows. For audience it appeared natural like Candid but, behind the scenes everything was scripted.

Star Network funds various marketing, Management and psychological research about TV audience and they use it for their Media sensation. Those concepts later will be applied in Shooting. Main Aim is Sensation. Technician will be trained to think in way to present any program with sensation. One sample was well scripted Simbu-Prithiviraj fight in Jodi No1 Season 1 and Simran- Vijay Adithraj fight in a depavali special program were Simran was the chief guest.

These two incidents created anticipated sensation between audiences. Vijay TV, Paid print media to exaggerate these issues. Most of the weekly’s came up with their own stories. Indian (Audience here Tamil audience) like every TV audience, who are interested in Celebrity Gossips enjoyed this sensation. Before these incidents, they have only heard about celebrity fights in Gossips Columns on Print Media, when they watched celebrity fighting as blood and flesh, they were surprised and thrilled. This psychology was well understood and manipulated by Vijay TV later it is repeated again and again.

Though People think TV is an Idiot Box I have different opinion that TV can be used as a good media to learn, understand and teach. Star-vijay used the same mass media for just sensation and manipulation. PROFIT become key word, for profit they need TRP, For TRP they need sensation, for sensation they need to manipulate audience Feelings. For manipulation they crossed all the limits and so called ethics.

Take the Programmer Super Singer Junior. It introduced various talented singers to us. I agree. But in the cost of killing children ethics and etiquettes. Audience forced to watch dramas, Cries, makeups, anchor’s gibberish which influences the contestant minds conditioned to falsehood as well as affects the mind of viewers as well but all is just a drama which is like flies attract to candle flames.
The Vijay Super singer eradicates the art form of singing and music. Singing was conveyed as competition. Winning become soul, and art is for sale. 7 year kid was singing “nethu rathri amma”, Camera panned to kid’s parents, where they were tensed about their kid’s performance and prize. Judges twisted their lips and gave comments that kid did not express enough feeling for that song. Nethu rathri amma a midnight masala song with all of lust, I still can’t understand, it’s like forcing the young sinless soul to fall into wells of Lust just to win.

One day one boy’s mother was carried in stretcher everyone was crying. Slow motion visuals of crying faces and tears filled the TV Screens. Audience took their cell phones to send message ads vote to that boy. Each SMS cost 6 Rupees. I have saw wall posters of kids begging to vote for him. Disgusting and furious.it more like asking for votes for sorrow rather than talent.

Anchor Jagan came up with double meaning rotten jokes, they didn’t mind ethics.in Connexions program Jagan crossed all cultural limits, his comments for sample “ enna di virichittu vandutta”, “nee paapava, oh papa potta thappava”.Sigh, annoying, covetousness.

All the reality shows came up with these feeling episodes, fighting episodes, Kids over acting or over reacting. Worst of worst which hurt me is makeups.

Divyadarshini shortly DD was an enthusiastic, energetic, skilled anchor with all good timing and situation manger. I was fan for her anchoring earlier days. Note down earlier days. I still can’t understand what went wrong; she started to behave over reactive with all blabbering, worst jokes with bad timing. Later it becomes DD’s trademark. Once they got this myth of this stupidity increasing TRP then the stupid thing was produced 100 times bigger. Why DD is Over reacting, She is like 100 times Jothika.

Neeya Naana one of my favorite shows gave space to various activists and literary peoples. Most of the time carried very good debate. From day one I know Gobi has nothing to do with it, except showing his face and behind the scene Antony was doing everything with a good intellectual team. Something happened, Drama introduced, script started to play, sensation become keyword. The whole debates now a scripted drama. Still I have respect on Antony and his team where they can back to track. May be Gobi was using its popularity to get good gifts and payments. We cannot criticize Gobi for that. Though we know Kannadasan or Vairamuthu writing the songs, we still call it has MGR song or Rajini song. It is our mistake for giving value to face, skin and color .it like soap opera rather than an intellectual debate.

Now this crying epidemic continuing in all Vijay TV shows, singer cry, dancers cry, Serials cry, Anchors Cry, in award function Siva Karthegeyan cries, even in Comedy show someone cries. Loads of Glycerin increasing TRP and our BP too. Entertainment labeled programs like coffee with DD or Vijay awards function is like Zee Tv Solvathellam Unmai.

Vijay Awards is the latest comedy. No matter what like temple Prasadam they are giving awards to everyone who attends. I am sure next year who ever goes to the award function can carry an award like best viewer, best clapper, and best whistler awards. They will have Sivakarthegayan and Santhanam no matter what. They will have Kamal, Vijay no matter what. If they want anyone to come to their show they will award. Sharuk khan was the latest. Here I respect and salute one star, Ajith no matter what he is not bothering or attending this function. I hope he will continue this attitude.

What is their aim, point? Money. For money are they ready to do anything and destroy all ethics and culture. What is the use?

I still doubt in future for sensation and TRP rating they will telecast first nights because already kalyanam was a TRP hit show. Or I am worried if it will be reality show and they are going to have judges?