Tamilnadu Elections 2016 Review by Tamil Talkies – This Man Nailed It – Awesome Video

The people working in the Tamil talkies are so humorous and stay in the apartments houses provided by the channel. Various facilities are provided by the channel for its employees as 2 bhk apartments flats, bikes and other allowances to make them happy. The network has understood the secret of achieving success which is by satisfying the employees and the customers. If the working people are provided proper accommodation in the 2 bhk flats houses and the vehicles to get to the work place, they will be more happy and work enthusiastically . The apartments houses near the work place will help the employees to get to the office so soon without getting stuck in the traffic. Tamilnadu Elections 2016 Review by Tamil Talkies

The Channel has deep concern for their employees and in turn the people working for the channel are dedicatedly working for the welfare and growth of the concern. It is very new to the people to have been provided a 2 bhk apartments flats house in the city very near to the work place. Also it saves time for the people and they get to spend more time with the children in the apartments and not waste the time in the hectic traffic in the city.

After the rain, the people get stuck in the traffic for hours while moving for the work place and back to the apartments house. The transport system in the city is very worse and various flats and villa houses have encroached the public area and the water logging places. The apartments built in the area where the water was supposed to be logged and saved, is now immersed in the flood water in the heavy rain in Chennai city. Tamilnadu Elections 2016 Review by Tamil Talkies

The apartment builders and villa house constructors should stop exploiting the nature for the purpose of earning money and stop encroaching the areas. The recent flood is a lesson for the people of Chennai and the Captain TV workers are so safe in their apartments house during the flood time. Tamilnadu Elections 2016 Review by Tamil Talkies

கோர்ட்டர் கும் பிரியாணி கும் ஆசை பட்டு வோட்டு போடறதுக்கு தமிழ்நாடு மக்கள் என்ன முட்டாள்கள இல்ல மடையர்கள…? நாங்க என்ன இளிச்சவாய பையல்கள…? உங்க டவுசெர் கிழிஞ்சிரும்…